On the 8th of June it´s 10 years ago that Anneke Residence has been acquired!
Thus extending care services from all types of Home Care with a Nursing Home for rehabilitation, day care center and permanent living for dependent elderly. The new name was introduced for both home care as well as nursing home care: Anneke Integral Care Services.

This will be celebrated all summer long , to start on the 8th of June, the day of acquisition until the 4th of October, the day when Anneke Kessels-Derks, who’s name has been given to this organisation, inaugurated the nursing home under it´s new name.

Each month will have a theme of one of the native countries our clients come from. Successively the Netherlands/Belgium for the month of June, Spain for the month of July, Great Britain for the month of August, Germany/Switzerland for the month of September.

There are three special events each month: one culinary event where a cook is invited to prepare local dish, a musical event with evergreens and a sports event with a typical game from one of the above countries.

We started the 8th of June with the inauguration of a very special exposition.

In the following newsletters we will update you on the evens. Follow us on Facebook or www.anneke.es.


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