A broken leg in a house with stairs

Annie Nessmann - Anneke Residency

A broken leg in a house with stairs
an interview with Annie Nessman

A broken leg is always misery. But it would be extra challenging if you’re alone and after surgery, you’re send home to recover, in a house with stairs. Your family is overseas. What would you do? Read about Annie Nessman’s choice (photo).

‘At first I was very determined to go back home as soon as possible. Everyone prefers to be home in the end. But it just wasn’t an option. I’m a widow and I live alone. I wasn’t allowed to stand on my leg yet. My son lives in The Netherlands.’  Annie faced a though decision. She chose to move temporarily to Anneke Residence.

‘I know it was a temporary solution, but I did need some time to adjust. Even though I realized there were benefits to being here. I could start immediately with my rehabilitation. As soon as I could walk the stairs up and down again, I could go home. I’m very happy with the professional therapists that helped me from day one.’

But it wasn’t just about the medical care. The level of personal contact was also greatly appreciated by Annie: ‘My husband passed away a few years ago. He stayed in a different residency. As a family member, I did not get to talk a lot to the staff that looked after him. At Anneke’s, I noticed a different pace. There’s time for a talk with the residents, but also with the friends and family that visit. My son was very relieved to find out I was in good hands.’

‘But still I had one goal – to be able to walk up and down the stairs as soon as possible, so I could go home. After two months I reached my goal. I was sent home. It was challenging, to be alone again and to take care of myself.’

‘Normally, I would visit Anneke once a week for physiotherapy Unfortunately, I fell recently and got a wound on my leg although the fracture healed fine I have to take it easy again until the wound is healed.. But still Anneke proves to be of great help again!  When I need to see a doctor in the hospital, I order the wheelchair bus with driver to take me there.’

Elderly are prone to fractures. The recovery takes more time and comes with a greater risk of complications. Therefore we recommend to surround yourself with professionals, assisting you during the rehabilitation process. 

Find out how we can support at www.anneke.es 


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