Agreement between Help Of Denia and Marina Alta and Anneke Integral Care Services for specialised Home Care or Nursing Home Care

Help of Denia and Marina Alta is a charity which started around 1984/85,their aim was to offer help and assistance to any British person through illness, disability, old age, loneliness, or acting as interpreters. Nowadays the number of volunteers has grown to over 300 and the charity continues to provide short term support and assistance to ALL people along the Marina Alta coast from Denia to Calpe  where there are medical or other health related needs

HELP has its main office in La Xara next door to their Charity shop which  is open Monday to Friday to answer queries and give information as well as having a well stocked store of equipment available for loan.

There is also a HELP Activity Centre in La Xara which is available for other organisations to use as well as ‘Help’ providing a Luncheon Club, Yoga sessions for older people and a Parkinson’s Support Group.

Specialised care for people in their own home

In the Valencia region there is little community care available for those who are ill and for those discharged from hospital still needing some professional care. In these situations the availability of volunteers may be limited and there is a need to call in specialised care.

.Judith Goodall, managed community health services for many years in the UK and was at one time during her long career, a community nursing Sister;  she has already had some good experiences with the team of Anneke Home Care, led by coordinator Paula Reed and was impressed with the care provision that Anneke Integral Care can offer especially when a patient has been discharged following surgery or in need of some palliative care at home. Anneke Integral Care Services has been a care provider for more than 14 years experience and has the reputation of providing both professional and excellent quality care both  in the Marina Alta and Marina Baixa areas.

Anneke also has a nursing home and day care centre in Alfaz del Pi. It is a registered and autorised company  at the Ministry of Health of the Comunidad Valenciana and has its ISO quality certificate since 2009.

This collaboration agreement between  Help of Denia and Marina Alta and Anneke Integral Care ensures that those who, following assessment and qualify for this type of care in the home will be able to receive the service.

Referrals can be made via the Help Office which will then be passed on to Judith Goodall who in turn will make contact and visit to assess.

Patient Groups

There could be possibilities in the future of further joint working – HELP of Denia and Marina Alta are currently developing a Diabetes Support group, the Parkinson’s Support group is already established and in the future there could be other groups where specialist nurses from Anneke could be of great assistance using their expertise and knowledge.

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