With reference to “10 years Anneke” we interview one of our staff members from the very beginning.  So for the most of the people related to Anneke Residence she is a well known face,  Duly Estruch, manager of the nursing home. But how did she came to Anneke? What did she do before? Time to get better acquainted with Duly.

Since when do you work in Anneke Residene?

‘In february 2006 I started on a parttime contract as psychologist and in charge for the activity department. The home then still was called Marina Senior. When the company in 2007 changed of owner and of name (Anneke Residence) I got a full time contract. Meaning also more resposibility among which the planning of staff. Also then together with the quality manager I set up the implementation and the control of the ISO certification.  On request of the company I did a Master for Nursing Home Manager and since 2012 I hold this post in Anneke.’

According to you, what are the most significant changes in those 10 years?

‘Well there are numerous changes since the take over, since “Anneke”. A lot of renovations and adjustments to te building have taken place. For example the creation of more living rooms making residents and visitors not allways having to sit in one room together, the layout of covered terraces downstairs and upstairs, all accesible ofcourse for wheelchairs or walking frames and serving to organize events or celebrating birthdayparties in the open air, the creation of connecting rooms for couples or rehabilitation clients. In general: make the home more cosy and friendly.’

But to me the most important change has been the increasing profesionalism of staff and the increasing diversity in need of care requested by our residentes. In the beginning for example we did not have much of palliative care requests or clients coming in for rehabilitation after complex bonefractures. Nowadays it is very common. And a lot of the residents of the beginning were relatively autonomous whereas nowadays nearly all residentes are highly dependent of care. This, however, makes it even more interesting and challenging at the same time to respond to the maximum to every individual need of care. Finally the home has got a more international character.’

What did your learn from residents?

‘From each resident I learn something: from their life experience, their way of thinking to their cultural habits.   But with one of our residents who lived here for many years I  had a special relation. She was a highly intelligent woman who allways knew to separate our friendship from my work, respecting me at the same time as manager but also as a person. She had a truly positive mindset. Untill the very last she stayed curious, enjoyed the nice things of life in spite of her detoriating health.  She never wanted to talk about her healthproblems. Allways positive. Keeping on looking for things she could do, to make herself useful also for the other residents. For the staff she always had encouraging remarks or a good advice. She realy was unique!’

In which way would you like to see that the residents of Anneke look at you?

‘In any case I hope that they see me as somebody close to them in daily life, either to share problems with or nice things and ofcourse that they trust me of being able to solve their problems.’

What would be the ideal profile of a staff member of Anneke?

‘Well apart from the proffesional knowledgement which they need to have ofcourse, the preparedness and skills to be able to work as a team is essential. that they care for details and that they are able to anticipate to the different needs of our residents. Apart from that having a lot of pacience, demostrating affection are very important as well as having sense for humor.  Knowledge of other languages and especially other habits and cultures is a big advantage here in Anneke. But also being curious to learn, being able to motivate oneself to improve.
In short, as we say here:  ´Cuanto más azúcar más dulce’,  (the more sugar the sweeter), so the more of all those skills the better!’

Duly, thanks for your dedication in all those years and your support to our organisation!


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