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viernes, noviembre 3rd, 2017

With reference to “10 years Anneke” we interview one of our staff members from the very beginning.  So for the most of the people related to Anneke Residence she is a well known face,  Duly Estruch, manager of the nursing home. But how did she came to Anneke? What did she do before? Time to get better acquainted with Duly.

Since when do you work in Anneke Residene?

‘In february 2006 I started on a parttime contract as psychologist and in charge for the activity department. The home then still was called Marina Senior. When the company in 2007 changed of owner and of name (Anneke Residence) I got a full time contract. Meaning also more resposibility among which the planning of staff. Also then together with the quality manager I set up the implementation and the control of the ISO certification.  On request of the company I did a Master for Nursing Home Manager and since 2012 I hold this post in Anneke.’

According to you, what are the most significant changes in those 10 years?

‘Well there are numerous changes since the take over, since “Anneke”. A lot of renovations and adjustments to te building have taken place. For example the creation of more living rooms making residents and visitors not allways having to sit in one room together, the layout of covered terraces downstairs and upstairs, all accesible ofcourse for wheelchairs or walking frames and serving to organize events or celebrating birthdayparties in the open air, the creation of connecting rooms for couples or rehabilitation clients. In general: make the home more cosy and friendly.’

But to me the most important change has been the increasing profesionalism of staff and the increasing diversity in need of care requested by our residentes. In the beginning for example we did not have much of palliative care requests or clients coming in for rehabilitation after complex bonefractures. Nowadays it is very common. And a lot of the residents of the beginning were relatively autonomous whereas nowadays nearly all residentes are highly dependent of care. This, however, makes it even more interesting and challenging at the same time to respond to the maximum to every individual need of care. Finally the home has got a more international character.’

What did your learn from residents?

‘From each resident I learn something: from their life experience, their way of thinking to their cultural habits.   But with one of our residents who lived here for many years I  had a special relation. She was a highly intelligent woman who allways knew to separate our friendship from my work, respecting me at the same time as manager but also as a person. She had a truly positive mindset. Untill the very last she stayed curious, enjoyed the nice things of life in spite of her detoriating health.  She never wanted to talk about her healthproblems. Allways positive. Keeping on looking for things she could do, to make herself useful also for the other residents. For the staff she always had encouraging remarks or a good advice. She realy was unique!’

In which way would you like to see that the residents of Anneke look at you?

‘In any case I hope that they see me as somebody close to them in daily life, either to share problems with or nice things and ofcourse that they trust me of being able to solve their problems.’

What would be the ideal profile of a staff member of Anneke?

‘Well apart from the proffesional knowledgement which they need to have ofcourse, the preparedness and skills to be able to work as a team is essential. that they care for details and that they are able to anticipate to the different needs of our residents. Apart from that having a lot of pacience, demostrating affection are very important as well as having sense for humor.  Knowledge of other languages and especially other habits and cultures is a big advantage here in Anneke. But also being curious to learn, being able to motivate oneself to improve.
In short, as we say here:  ´Cuanto más azúcar más dulce’,  (the more sugar the sweeter), so the more of all those skills the better!’

Duly, thanks for your dedication in all those years and your support to our organisation!


viernes, septiembre 22nd, 2017


This summer we celebrate the ten year anniversary of Anneke Integral Care Services. An opportunity to look back and contemplate with our founder, Lisette de Leeuw-Kessels. Born and raised in the south of the Netherlands, she immigrated to Spain in 1996 to pursue her dream – a healthcare institute. In 2001, Thuiszorg Costa Blanca was founded and in 2007 extended with Anneke Residence, which led to a name change of the organisation, after her mother, Anneke. Everyday, Lisette strives to deliver the best care with a passionate team of sixty employees.

Congratulations with this anniversary Lisette. A great milestone. What are the key things that changed for you during these ten years?

‘We saw a lot of changes with regards to rules and regulations. In many European countries, ongoing budget cuts led to a decrease in the compensation of healthcare costs. This also affects our residents or clients. Some of the care might night be compensated anymore. A change in healthcare needs could lead to an acute financial problem more easily these days.’

‘We try to stay on top of these changes as much as possible and keep in touch with local organisations across Europe. However, sometimes, it’s hard to explain to residents why the European Union does not work towards a European healthcare approach.’

Intensified care
‘Because of this, a lot of people face additional costs and wait longer to request help. Clients try to remain independent for as long as they can. This means we are only approached when the need for care is high. And obviously the increase in average life span means we see a different client base these days in comparison to ten years ago. Luckily, this was an opportunity for us to proof we are a serious healthcare institute delivering the same quality of health as in western Europe.’

Joy is still important
‘Despite our growth and increased professionalism, I think it’s crucial we keep an element of joy, of Spanish lust for life. We organise outings and activities and invite musicians to play for our clients. Food is very important, we cook dishes from all regions in Europe and a nice glass of wine is present for those who enjoy this. If your family lives abroad, it is even more important to be social and engaged in a community. We strive to create a familiar atmosphere. Most of our staff has been with us for a long time, and we invest in permanent employment because we believe this is important for consistency and quality.’

The future
‘It is my biggest wish to extend the home with surrounding houses – where you can live independently but still rely on the healthcare in the home. Then we are struly able to cater to every level of care. I hope I am able to find a suitable business partner to make this wish come true!’


martes, agosto 8th, 2017

Did you know that Anneke takes over the care in Spain you receive at home ?
Multi-lingual and professional carers of Anneke Home Care will help you at your holiday accommodation to enjoy your holiday at max!
Services can include wheelchair buses and mobility equipment.

Mr Ivan Praet stayed at Casa Peguche for his holiday:
“During my stay I applied to the Home Care Team of Anneke. Alternating Paula en Sally came to attend me, two awesome, nice and very professional nurses. No doubt to strongly recommend Anneke Home Care to your clients!”.

Anneke works together with several holiday accommodations such as,,,

For more information about services and tariffs of Home Care of Anneke visit:


viernes, junio 9th, 2017

On the 8th of June it´s 10 years ago that Anneke Residence has been acquired!
Thus extending care services from all types of Home Care with a Nursing Home for rehabilitation, day care center and permanent living for dependent elderly. The new name was introduced for both home care as well as nursing home care: Anneke Integral Care Services.

This will be celebrated all summer long , to start on the 8th of June, the day of acquisition until the 4th of October, the day when Anneke Kessels-Derks, who’s name has been given to this organisation, inaugurated the nursing home under it´s new name.

Each month will have a theme of one of the native countries our clients come from. Successively the Netherlands/Belgium for the month of June, Spain for the month of July, Great Britain for the month of August, Germany/Switzerland for the month of September.

There are three special events each month: one culinary event where a cook is invited to prepare local dish, a musical event with evergreens and a sports event with a typical game from one of the above countries.

We started the 8th of June with the inauguration of a very special exposition.

In the following newsletters we will update you on the evens. Follow us on Facebook or

A broken leg in a house with stairs

viernes, abril 14th, 2017

Annie Nessmann - Anneke Residency

A broken leg in a house with stairs
an interview with Annie Nessman

A broken leg is always misery. But it would be extra challenging if you’re alone and after surgery, you’re send home to recover, in a house with stairs. Your family is overseas. What would you do? Read about Annie Nessman’s choice (photo).

‘At first I was very determined to go back home as soon as possible. Everyone prefers to be home in the end. But it just wasn’t an option. I’m a widow and I live alone. I wasn’t allowed to stand on my leg yet. My son lives in The Netherlands.’  Annie faced a though decision. She chose to move temporarily to Anneke Residence.

‘I know it was a temporary solution, but I did need some time to adjust. Even though I realized there were benefits to being here. I could start immediately with my rehabilitation. As soon as I could walk the stairs up and down again, I could go home. I’m very happy with the professional therapists that helped me from day one.’

But it wasn’t just about the medical care. The level of personal contact was also greatly appreciated by Annie: ‘My husband passed away a few years ago. He stayed in a different residency. As a family member, I did not get to talk a lot to the staff that looked after him. At Anneke’s, I noticed a different pace. There’s time for a talk with the residents, but also with the friends and family that visit. My son was very relieved to find out I was in good hands.’

‘But still I had one goal – to be able to walk up and down the stairs as soon as possible, so I could go home. After two months I reached my goal. I was sent home. It was challenging, to be alone again and to take care of myself.’

‘Normally, I would visit Anneke once a week for physiotherapy Unfortunately, I fell recently and got a wound on my leg although the fracture healed fine I have to take it easy again until the wound is healed.. But still Anneke proves to be of great help again!  When I need to see a doctor in the hospital, I order the wheelchair bus with driver to take me there.’

Elderly are prone to fractures. The recovery takes more time and comes with a greater risk of complications. Therefore we recommend to surround yourself with professionals, assisting you during the rehabilitation process. 

Find out how we can support at 



Find out how we can support at 


Collaboration between HELP of Denia and Marina Alta and Anneke Integral Care Services for specialised Home Care or Nursing Home Care.

martes, agosto 25th, 2015


Collaboration between HELP of Denia and Marina Alta and Anneke Integral Care Services for specialised Home Care or Nursing Home Care.

On Wednesday the 19th of August,  Candida Wright (right), President of ‘Help’ and Lisette de Leeuw (left) , Director of Anneke Integral Care Services met in La Xara to sign the prolongation of the collaboration agreement to provide professional care in the home or in the nursing home. Read more…

Agreement between Help Of Denia and Marina Alta and Anneke Integral Care Services for specialised Home Care or Nursing Home Care

martes, junio 17th, 2014


On Monday the 16th of June, in the “Help Office” of Help of Denia and Marina Alta in La Xara, Judith Goodall, President of ‘Help’ and Lisette de Leeuw, Director of Anneke Integral Care Services met to sign a collaboration agreement to provide professional care in the home. Read more…


lunes, junio 16th, 2014

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(Español) Lost in translation: cómo mejorar la comunicación con pacientes no hispano-hablantes en Cuidados Paliativos

lunes, abril 28th, 2014

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